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You cannot not communicate

Hello everyone. My name is Katie and I am a graduating senior strategic communications major at Ohio State University.

I have had two internships and I am excited to start my career in the field of communication. I hope to find a job at an independent public relations or advertising agency.

I am currently a member of Public Relations Student Society of America here at Ohio State and am a proud volunteer in the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. I am also doing an independent study at The Lantern,  Ohio State’s school newspaper.

On my blog you can see my views on things that I find interesting in the field of strategic communications and public relations.

I am new to blogging and relatively inexperienced so I am excited to get this off the ground and see how it goes.

I hope you can all enjoy my input and maybe add some of your own so we can get a conversation going on the ever-evolving field of strategic communication.



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