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You cannot not communicate

Éole / / CC BY-NC-SA

Anyone who has ever tried an Oreo will probably agree when I say any advertising effort on their part is not exactly necessary.

That didn’t stop the brand’s social media team from capitalizing on the real star of the Super Bowl. No not Beyonce, not Ray Lewis, THE Blackout.

During the one of the most highly televised events of the year, when companies are willing to pay upwards of $3 million for a commercial spot, Oreo got perhaps the best hype without spending a dime.

Within minutes of the blackout, Oreo and their ad agency 360i had composed a tweet, “Power out? No problem.”, complete with a graphic and a catchy saying, “You can still dunk in the dark.”

In an interview with AdAge, president of the brand’s digital agency 360i, Sarah Hofstetter explains the story behind such a quick and well executed response.

The marketers for the brand and the 360i team were in a sort of “mission control” watching the Super Bowl when the lights went out.

Hofstetter said the graphic was “designed, captioned, and approved within minutes.”

This is a lesson to all PR professionals and a reminder of the importance of an active and relevant social media presence.

While the average consumer will soon forget Oreo’s valiant effort in light of the blackout (pun intended), the world of PR will surely look at this as a prime example of a “best practice” for years to come. Or at least until something replaces Twitter.


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