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If you haven’t cooked a cupcake recipe of off Pinterest by now, you have undoubtedly had someone attempt to shove one down your throat.

This new form of social media has spread like organic butter on locally-baked bread.

Pinterst has surpassed Facebook in unique monthly users, who are averaging visits of 77 minutes. It now generates twice the revenue as Facebook and influences 10-percent of purchases.

Most popular among young women, companies are now trying to harness the power of Pinterest.

Pinterest has also realized this need and created their “Pinterest for Business” page.

Here, companies can join Pinterest as a business and utilize the new web analytic software released March 13.

They also list some tips for businesses just getting started:

1. Put pinners first

2. Curate your collection

3. Show what inspires you

4. Be authentic

5. Share your pins

Since its creation, businesses have been driving traffic to their sites with the “Pin it” button. But now, companies are creating boards of their own and becoming fully integrated into the Pinterest world, much like what happened with the rising popularity of Facebook.

ELLE fashion magazine has caught on.

During Fashion Week, ELLE pinned each look on their Runway Trends board. This tactic resulted in 16,000 repins and increased traffic from Pinterest to ELLE’s website by more than 13% that week.

Only time will tell if other brands will be able to successfully utilize Pinterest to capture a larger market share. Challenges arise in the feminine reputation Pinterest has earned, and using it as a vehicle to capture a male audience will be difficult. But with the skyrocketing success it has experienced thus far, I would not be surprised if it became the next big thing in social media marketing.


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