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You cannot not communicate

“It’s funny because it’s true.” Truer words have never been spoken.

I’m writing about Slim-Fast’s new “Get what you really want” campaign for no other reason than that I really like it.

It’s funny, relatable and honest. Everything I’m looking for in a man, and more importantly, an ad campaign.

At the risk of sounding shallow, weight is very important to all of us. I know that while others may not be quick to admit it, we all have hidden motives when it comes to losing weight. Usually centered around revenge and the sheer desire to be better than our fellow humans.

This series of ads caters to the hidden agenda lurking in all of us.

These are not your typical commercials. These are an inside look into what we were all thinking, Slim-Fast was just the blunt friend not afraid to say it out loud.

The videos center around women, and their inner monologue, revealing their true motivation for dieting. The raunchiest of these features a women looking to return to her former glory in the bedroom. Others feature a woman seeking to be the “hottest MILF in the neighborhood” and one looking for vindication at a looming high school reunion.

The campaign covers multiple platforms, flowing onto their website as well, where they have a “Poll of the Week.”

This weeks poll asks, “What type of clothing are you most excited to get back into (or out of)most?”

The responses include that little black dress, skinny jeans, tank tops, and teeny bikinis.

Slim-Fast really toed the line with this campaign but I think it will pay off. Women will respect the honestly and the humor will keep them interested.

They’ve already won this girl over.


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